Oh No She Didn’t!!

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February 21, 2011
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Oh No She Didn’t!!

What is the worst thing you have ever seen happen at a wedding?  Did a cake fall?  A drunk groomsman make a bad toast?  Child’s play.  Listen to this story told to me by a bride and fellow wedding pro, who would like to remain anonymous.  😉

As the bride and groom took to the dance floor for their first dance, the crowd oohed, awed and snapped photos of the happy couple.  Not even halfway through their song, an inebriated female guest came onto the dance floor and tried to cut in on the bride and groom.  The bride clutched her groom tightly as if to say, “don’t you dare let this happen.”  The groom somehow got her to get off the dance floor and to wait patiently for her own dance with him.

I had never heard of anything like that before!  Can you believe it?!

Here’s another good one for you.  A grandmother, who I believe had hit the bar one too many times, was giving a most touching toast.  I remember standing in the back near the DJ and thinking, “what a lovely toast.”  And then… the grandmother decided to include her grandson, brother of the bride, in her toast.  “Don’t worry John, you’ll get married someday, there’s someone out there somewhere for you too.” (Cue audible groan from crowd.)  I think John was all of 25 and wasn’t too thrilled about being ‘singled’ out.

Truth be told, people watching is the best part of my job.  😉  So thanks wedding guests, for keeping me entertained!

Photo by Lindsey Hahn

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was in a wedding where that same thing happend with the Dance. The couple had paid to go to classical dance classes, had practiced for months, and hardly into their first dance, her DAD cut in and stole her away. She cried.