"Prepare to meet your new best friend, Miss Sarah Angelique. She is energetic, warm and charismatic and made the wedding planning process so amazing for my family and I. I always felt like I had her undivided attention and no matter what crazy concept I threw her way (fire dancers, wall climbers, aerial dancers, actors) she hustled to make my vision a reality. She got me in the best hands with all our supporting vendors and she pulled strings to stay as close to our budget as possible (I notoriously have expensive taste.. It's a curse). She went to every appointment with me, and the month before my wedding we talked almost every day to make sure all our ducks were neatly in a row. The day of she turned into the ultimate bulldog to make sure our two years of planning went exactly to plan. She took all the stress off my shoulders so my husband and I were able to enjoy our wedding. Six months before my wedding, my mom got diagnosed with cancer and could no longer help plan and make trips up north as she underwent chemotherapy. Sarah fully stepped in to make sure I never felt alone in any aspect of the planning process. For those critical months leading up to the big day, it was just us two. She has no idea how much that meant to me.. She had other brides and weddings, but managed to never make me feel like my time with her was limited. I felt like she totally had my back and we were a real team. So back to where we started.. Meet your new best friend Sarah. You won't regret trusting her with your wedding. She will make your dream wedding a reality. I promise." – Isha Nicole