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February 15, 2011
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February 23, 2011
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Hello Wed Heads!  I was recently asked to design the showroom at Unlimited Events, Inc. for the month of January.  Usually when designing a space, I totally have the bride and venue in mind.  Everything she wants, her color scheme, what enhances the venue, etc…  I thought this would be a great opportunity to design a blank space and do something that I have never done before, something that I would do if just turned loose.  😉  I wanted my room to represent January, the month it would be on display.  Ice was my inspiration and ‘winter wonderland’ was constantly on my mind as I put the room together.

I immediately had the room designed in my head.  I wanted it draped (like soft falling snow), a chandelier (like ice), soft blue up lighting, lucite chiavari chairs (more ice) and pale blue linens.  The table has two linens on it, a pale blue with a sheer overlay.  The swirls in the overlay remind me of swirling snow.  Perfect for my ‘winter wonderland.’  I also wanted to utilize some of Unlimited Events’ lounge furniture.  Not an easy task in a room approximately 20′ x 20′.  Unlimited Events also has these awesome pillows that I HAD to have, so I created a small lounge area behind the table.  You can imagine what it could be with limitless space.  Why a square table?  I find square tables clever and upscale and I always knew it would be perfect for the room.

So now I had my room mostly done.  Already it was stunning, but now I needed the final details.  The details that would really MAKE the room.  A chance ‘running into’ (I love small towns) with Camilla Svensson Burns led to what you see in the photos.  Camilla is a nationally known floral and event designer based out of Paso Robles.  Her work has been featured in magazines such as Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Your Wedding Day, Santa Barbara Magazine and Ceremony just to name a few.  Camilla graciously offered to help and I was wise enough to let her do anything she wanted.  😉  I sent her a picture of the room and told her that I thought I needed some candlelight and a little more bling.  I was soooo happy with what she created!!
The candlelight, mercury glass and jeweled napkin rings were the PERFECT addition of bling that I was looking for.  Those of you that know me know that a tablescape can move me to tears.  Literally!!  I walked into the room at Unlimited Events and choked up.  I just loved it.

My room was nearly there, but what does every wedding need?  Cake!!  Lauren at Two Little Birds Bakery sweetly (sorry couldn’t help it) offered to bake some of her scrumptious champagne cupcakes for me.

Now the room was was perfect!  We just needed to document this awesome group effort!  😉  I asked friend and talented photographer Jill Hewston of Allyson Magda Photography if she could come by and she was happy to!  She took all of these amazing shots and more!  To see more photos check out my facebook page.

Well, with Jill coming, a gorgeous room with fantastic decor, I thought, I’ve got to jump in a few of these shots.  Lacey Bragg at Salon Gloss in downtown Paso Robles has been my hair genius since I moved here 14 years ago!  She gave me the sassy do that I rock now and get compliments on daily.  😉  So I stopped by Salon Gloss for a little beautification. 

I am so above and beyond happy with the way everything came out!  I will definitely be doing this again.  Thank you Ladies all so much for everything you did.  Pearl, Camilla, Jill, Lauren, Lacey, you rock!!!  xoxoxo

Bonus:  Here is a little video I made with my iPhone 4.  😉


  1. Gorgeous design work Sarah!!!

  2. Looks like a fun wedding! Love the details you did here.