You’ve made two great decisions. One, to marry the love of your life, and two, to hire a wedding planner. This is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. It is so important that you like and trust your planner. You will be spending a substantial amount of time together. You will grow to depend on her. She will make your day everything you and your family could have ever dreamed of and more. I will be that person. I will give you the wedding of your dreams. Please read through some of the wonderful things my clients have to say about me, look through my gallery, and then call me to set up an appointment and decide for yourself.

Weddings with Sarah Angelique!

Fate, hard work, and true love have all come together to create the perfect match with you and your fiancé! Now that you’ve said “yes,” you’ve agreed to the mad-cap plan of racing towards married life. But, first things first: the celebration of your love!

Weddings are glorious celebrations of your love and commitment for one another. Each one should be as unique and special as your story, but they are such big parties that they can quickly become overwhelming. Sarah Angelique is a wedding planner in Paso Robles, CA that will take over all of the hassle, the worry, and stress for you.

The plot of romantic movies usually ends with the wedding, but that’s an unfair representation of life; Weddings are just the beginning! The good part of life starts after, and you deserve a perfect wedding with the help of a Paso Robles wedding planner.

Why Use a Wedding Planner?

Having a Paso Robles wedding planner will take care of every worry. We’ll remove all the stress off your shoulders and allow the happiest day of your life to be just that! Otherwise, you’ve got a stress filled, crisis having, day of non-stop problem solving that you’ll only barely remember later, let alone enjoy in the moment.

Weddings by Sarah Angelique are set up to handle every part of your wedding adventure. She can guide you along and help you on appointments, make the arrangements for venues, help select the decorations (and set them up!) and even does the coordination for the day for you.

Paso Robles wedding planners have quite a unique pool of resources to select from, more than most brides do on their own. With their resources Sarah Angelique has, she can plan your entire event, not just that day! Engagement party, bridal shower, the lot of it can be left up to her!

Why choose Sarah Angelique?

Sarah Angelique is a wedding planner from Paso Robles that can handle any and everything! She’s got experience in planning events incorporating any tradition you could want or need!

Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and creativity are praised by her clients. She’s not just a wedding planner; she’s a friend, ready and willing to help you with your special day. Paso Robles is the base of her wedding planner powers, but she’s ready, willing, and able to set you up with the perfect wedding all around Central and Southern California.