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I asked for wedding/event related questions on my facebook page, and my fans didn’t disappoint.

Nicky wanted to know about bridal shops in Santa Barbara County.  First, I wouldn’t limit myself to the county you are in.  You are so close to LA and San Francisco, do some research and maybe plan a little trip to do some shopping.  As far as Santa Barbara goes, I’ve got a great tip for you Nicky.  A dear friend of mine, Mercedes Trump, owns Beautiful Boutique at 2009 Chapala Street in Santa Barbara.  Mercedes is nationally known for her expertise on wedding gowns.  She will be a wealth of information, I would stumble in to her boutique.  (They are closed Sunday and Monday.)  And a little side note, I am proud to say that I am named after her beautiful daughter, Angelique.  😉

Next Janie Skelton, who manages the Grand Chenier Ranch in San Miguel asked why so many brides think it will be okay to simply appoint a friend or relative as wedding planner.  Well I’m so glad you asked Janie.  😉  Anyone who thinks they can simply plan and execute a wedding NEVER has.  There is a reason myself and many other people are able to make this a full time job.  Not to mention the experience a wedding planner has.  Do you think my weddings when I first started out are in the same league as they are now?  No way!  I’ve grown, I’ve learned, and most importantly I’ve experienced.  I know what to do when confronted with any issue, I know how to deal with other vendors and anticipate their needs, I know the laws and regulations, I know how guests would like to be treated at an event, I know how to put on and throw amazing successful weddings and events, because I have done so for the past 9 years.  What about contacts?  Does your family member/friend have the owner of the rental company’s cell phone number.  Do they know every DJ in the county so that when the horrible DJ the bride insisted on hiring doesn’t have the right equipment they can call someone to bail them out?  Most importantly, does your family member/friend have the experience that a professional would.  No they don’t.  The venue is the one who usually suffers in this scenario.  An inexperienced wedding planner could be more trouble than not having one at all.  Even if you have a capable family member/friend (I of course have planned a friend’s wedding) do you want to do that to your family member/friend?  That person isn’t going to get to celebrate with you because they will be working like crazy. Whenever I hear a bride say their mom or best friend is their ‘wedding planner,’ I always say:  “Why, do you hate them?”

And finally, Dustin wanted to know how much champagne a bride and groom should typically buy for their wedding.  Great question Dustin!  First, are you serving champagne for the toasts only, or do you plan on serving it all night?  Most couples opt to only serve it during the toasts, so if that is the case I usually recommend 1 bottle per table of 8 people.  Keeping in mind that you just pour a half a glass or so for the toasts.  People seem to be happy with this.  Of course, have a few bottles extra and have experienced wait staff pouring the glasses.  They will know how much to pour to make the bottle go around the table.  If you want to be able to really supply your guests with champagne then account for 1.5 bottles per table of 8 or 2 glasses per guest.

Great questions everyone!  I hope I was helpful, thanks and keep them coming!

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  1. Natasha says:

    Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful answers! Since we do weddings from coast to coast, I always enjoy learning whose got expertise in what area and where.