The Guestzilla ~ Part 2: The Drunk Guest

The Guestzilla ~ Part 1: The Omniscient Guest
June 29, 2010
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July 9, 2010
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The Guestzilla ~ Part 2: The Drunk Guest

People, your friend’s wedding is not your chance to get drunk as a skunk and act a fool.  I’ve never understood why people feel the need to drink so much at weddings.  Nothing good has ever come from too much alcohol.  Let me tell you about what happens with too much alcohol.  Girls trip in their heels, men fight with their friends, and parents embarrass their children.  I love when my clients tell me that they’re sure their guests won’t get drunk on just beer and wine.  I once had the cutest, petite lady falling down, quite literally, drunk by 7:00.  Simply from wine.  Then there were the parents that once the baby was asleep in the stroller, went a little crazy.  To the point where I looked over in time to catch the wife sitting on top of a table, falling backwards into a very large centerpiece, spilling candles and water everywhere.  I of course was there in an instant cleaning if up before a fire started or worse, the bride saw it.  😉  Assuring the woman that no one saw and that it happens all the time.  It doesn’t.  Drunk guests start complaining about everything.  The music, where the heaters are placed, the fact that the party is ending.  They start requesting ridiculous songs and then get mad at the DJ when they don’t play them.  Drunk family members are the best!  I once had a grandmother giving a most touching toast to the bride and groom.  And then… at the end of her toast she said, referring to the older and unmarried brother, “Don’t worry, you’ll get married soon.  Someone is out there for you.”  It was mortifying.

The absolute worst thing I have ever witnessed, I am proud to say, DID NOT happen at one of my weddings.  I was helping a caterer friend of mine at a wedding manage his staff.  It was the end of the night, he had gone home and it was myself and 2 wait staff.  All of a sudden one of the wait staff came up to me and said:  “They’re fighting at the bar.”  I thought he was joking.  Well I should have known we were headed for disaster, the wait staff had been clearing stacks of shot glasses.  Yes, the wedding planner had allowed a full open bar for over 6 hours.  I say ‘allowed,’ because I would NEVER do that.  If a client of mine insisted on that much alcohol, I would walk.  I don’t want my name associated with what could happen.  This is your wedding, but it’s my business and my reputation.  This wedding ended with the police, a fire truck, ambulance, the bride in tears, her mother screaming and the venue owner bloodied and in the hospital.  Later, myself and the wait staff even had to give our story to the police.

Some Advice:

Brides, Grooms and Guests:  Eat plenty that day.  Especially breads and anything that absorbs alcohol.  Drink plenty of water!!!  Most of my weddings are outside in high heat.  I cannot stress the importance of water.

Guests:  Give yourself a 2 or 3 drink maximum.  You’ll thank yourself later when you see the wedding photos or video.  Save it for the after party.  You can let loose at the bar after the wedding.

Brides and Grooms:  Don’t feel the need to supply your guests with an endless amount of alcohol for the entire night.  I would never have a full hosted bar for the entire night.  Host a cocktail hour or two and then switch to beer and wine.  People drink slower on their dime.  Always have shuttles or taxis available, someone will need them.  And the best advice for brides and grooms, don’t drink too much on your wedding day.  You want to enjoy your wedding night, don’t you?

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