Broken Engagement ~ Do You Return the Ring?

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June 30, 2010
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Broken Engagement ~ Do You Return the Ring?

Yesterday on my facebook page, I asked for thoughts on weather or not an engagement ring should be returned after a broken engagement.  I received such a huge response that I had to blog about it.

People seem to be spilt on this issue.  Half feeling that you should return the ring and the other half say you can keep it.  Well the law says that state law dictates who gets to keep the ring.

In Montana an engagement ring is considered an unconditional gift and therefore does not need to be returned.  In California, if the woman breaks off the engagement, she has to return the ring.  If the man breaks it off, she can keep it.  Most states say that the ring is conditional of the wedding.  No wedding, no ring.

Many people felt that keeping the ring would, in technical terms, be icky.  😉  I tend to agree.  You wouldn’t get 1/2 the price if you tried to sell it.  So what would you do with it?  What do you tell the man you eventually marry?

Advice to men:  Sadly, if you use a family heirloom as an engagement ring, you do stand to lose it.  A prenuptial agreement can protect your family heirloom in the event of a broken engagement.

The biggest question… who gets custody of the wedding planner?  😉

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