Out of Control

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Out of Control

I love writing about the wonderful things that happen at weddings. But today I thought I’d share some of the, let’s say, less than fortunate things that have happened at my weddings over the past 9 years. You really do have to remember that you can’t control everything and always be ready for the unexpected.

Sickness Happens
At a wedding rehearsal we were waiting and waiting for the Bride and Maid of Honor to arrive. We finally get a call letting us know that the Bride is in the hospital with food poisoning and the Maid of Honor is with her. They never made it to the rehearsal, and she recovered like a champ in time for the wedding the next day.

Then there was the Mother of the Bride who woke up the morning of the wedding with an eye infection so bad her eyes were almost completely shut. She raced off to the E.R. while I held down the fort. Just one of the many reasons you need a wedding planner. 😉
Stupidity Happens
Against the Bride’s wishes, the Groom and Groomsmen went four wheeling the day before the wedding. You can see where this is going. The women and myself are at the venue waiting for the guys to arrive for the rehearsal. And we get the call that there had been an accident. One of the groomsmen flipped his 4 x 4 and had fractured his leg. He made it to the wedding and even participated, cast and all. The Bride was pissed!
Doors Stick
Yes, believe it or not, I had a wedding at a hotel where the bridal suite’s door became stuck right before the ceremony, with of course the bride and bridesmaids inside. Maintenance men with axes, seriously, had to get her out. The Mother of the Bride was almost crying outside the door. The wedding started just a bit late, and looking back, how funny. An ax!
Extra Guests Show Up
I had a wedding at a hotel where the banquet manager came up to me the morning of the wedding and said: “The Bride’s mother just informed me that she invited 6 more people last night.” This was a plated dinner. You can’t just add another entire table. Not to mention pulling a centerpiece and linen out of thin air. The hotel ended up serving over a dozen more dinners than were ordered. That is unheard of. Of course, we pulled it off.
Brides and Grooms Fight
It’s a stressful day. Some advice guys, don’t go for the ‘cake in the face’ unless your woman starts it. A Groom who shoved his cake in his Bride’s face got an earful in the bathroom afterwards. Myself and her Bridesmaids were trying to calm her down and fix her hair and makeup. Way to start off the marriage lame-o.
Car Accidents Happen
I had a wedding where the cake was late. I didn’t think much of it, we had plenty of time for them to get there. Then I get a phone call that the bakers had been in a car accident en route to the venue, destroying the cake. They were amazing though, raced back to the shop, somehow, and got another cake to us by the time the reception started.
Wedding Crashers!!
Yes, I’ve had to kick out wedding crashers. I asked them who they were with, the bride or groom. Knowing full well they were crashers. They had the nerve to tell me that they were just checking things out… at our full bar.   I told them I was going to ask them to leave and escorted them to the door.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the unexpected, out of control things that have happened to me over the years.

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  1. Tawnie says:

    Good read! Keep up the good work, Sarah! : )