Paso Robles Wedding Planner Reviews Real-Life Destination Weddings

Wedding Planner in Paso Robles Releases ‘Checklist for Avoiding Wedding Day Stress’
April 3, 2018
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Paso Robles Wedding Planner Reviews Real-Life Destination Weddings

Paso Robles wedding planner

“Destination weddings in the Paso Robles area are certainly nothing new,” says Paso Robles wedding planner, Sarah Angelique. “The buzz about the new film, ‘Destination Wedding,’ sure seems to have brought on some new interest, though.”

The romantic comedy, with on-location scenes in Paso Robles wine country and the San Luis Obispo airport, stars Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder as two disgruntled wedding guests. There were reported local sightings of Reeves and Ryder during filming in July and August 2017. Paso Robles and Central Coast locals are looking forward to the film release, which has been reported to now be in early September 2018 instead of the originally announced late August.

Sarah intends to be one of the first locals in line when the film opens. “I don’t know how many actual wedding scenes are in the movie, but I expect to enjoy myself,” said the Paso Robles wedding planner. “I know the movie is a scripted performance and any wedding scenes are intended to be backdrops for the main characters, but I doubt if I’ll be able to completely turn off my professional side, even while enjoying the movie, and probably some popcorn, too!”

When Sarah heard about the crabby weddings guests featured in the movie, she said her wedding planner wheels started turning. “I was thinking, well, no one wants guests to be crabby and upset, so how would I plan to prevent that?”

There are a lot of planning and arrangements that go into any wedding, and a destination wedding adds another layer to the planning. Guests are traveling quite a way to attend the wedding and are going to arrive tired, which makes arranging for the perfect accommodations a high priority. Not everyone can arrive a day or two ahead of time; many are coming in the night before or the morning of the wedding. Comfortable, clean and appealing rooms with important amenities like easy parking, restaurants, pools and hot tubs are important. A tired guest walking into the hotel room for the first time needs to be met with comfort and maybe even some complimentary snacks already set out in the room.

Other things that make differences might include a shuttle to and from the wedding and reception. Offering optional sightseeing or shopping activities for the day before or after the wedding are other ways to help guests feel welcome.

People traveling to a destination wedding often plan a few days of vacation around that trip. Providing a list of local resources for the best places to eat, wineries to visit, shopping and specialty stores, tours to take, and other local activities are one more way to help wedding guests enjoy their stay.

“I plan a wedding like the bride and groom are the stars of their own movie,” said Sarah. “Everything that takes place before the big day, from the minute guests start arriving until the new couple is on their way to the honeymoon is carefully planned. “

Sarah Angelique was born in Santa Barbara and has been planning weddings in Paso Robles and California’s Central Coast for close to 20 years. Expedia named Paso Robles one of the top travel spots for 2018 but the area has been a popular destination wedding location for long before being discovered by Expedia. Weddings by Sarah Angelique are planned to the smallest detail because Sarah knows all of the best-kept local secrets and is able to provide her clients with the polishing touches that make their big day forever remembered.

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