Paso Robles Wedding Planner Releases ‘Wedding Theme Or Wedding Concept?’

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August 21, 2017
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April 3, 2018
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Paso Robles Wedding Planner Releases ‘Wedding Theme Or Wedding Concept?’

Wedding Planner Paso Robles

–Sarah Angelique, wedding planner in Paso Robles has released a report describing the differences between a wedding theme and a wedding concept. “The two terms are often confused,” said Sarah “Understanding the meaning behind these words will help couples plan the perfect event.

A theme wedding is built around a particular motif or interest of the couple, such as a particular era; a 1920s theme for example. A wedding concept is the idea, or starting point, for planning and creating a memorable event for the wedding.

Sarah releases this report as part of her continued efforts to help couples plan and have a perfect wedding day.

Wedding theme or wedding concept

Themed weddings are on the rise; weddings featuring “Gatsby” or “Alice in Wonderland” themes are becoming more and more popular. The rise of more obscure themes like “zombie” weddings is on the rise as well. Many times, couples focus more on the theme instead of staring with the concept, or idea, and developing the idea into the details that carry out the desired theme. Sarah, the Paso Robles wedding planner, recommends couples start with the idea of what they want for their special day then develop that idea into a theme.

What is a wedding concept?

A wedding concept is the idea. It focuses more on how the event should feel according to the couple. “It should feel like” and “it should remind me of” are phrases that come up when discussing a wedding concept. It’s a starting point for creating a spectacular event, focusing on the colors, decorations, invitations, furnishings, even how the bride walks, or bicycles, down the aisle.

A concept would be something like wanting a wedding on the beach at sunset, with formal attire required but everyone being barefoot. The theme for such a wedding might be, “Sand and Lace.”

What is a wedding theme?

Themes are the visual elements that replicate an already defined style, such as secret garden weddings, tea parties, and even “rustic chic.” Once a couple decides on the theme, the actual planning returns to the concept to help guide all the details of the wedding. A themed wedding isn’t going to be a normal wedding; it’s going to be as unique and special as the couple themselves. The uniqueness of the theme is reflected in the décor, the invitations, the colors, attire, the music and even the food and beverages and how those things are served.

Sarah Angelique is a top wedding planner in Paso Robles, with the ability to plan for and support any idea, theme and budget. Visit the gallery for more information about Sarah’s work.

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