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February 6, 2009
Movie Trailer from Katie and Derek’s Wedding
March 13, 2009
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Well were do I start with the wedding Saturday?  First of all, it was such a fabulous, beautiful wedding!  Katie and Derek are so in love and it shows every moment.  I teared up quite a few times.  They were just so cute together.  Thank goodness the weather held.  It didn’t rain until literally the end of the night at 10:00.  That was the only stress the week prior to the wedding.  Really everything was running smoothly all evening until… the bride’s mother points out a group of  four people at the bar and says:  “Who are those people?  I don’t know those people?”  They didn’t look familiar to me either, so I walked over to them and asked: “Are you friends of the bride’s or the groom’s?”  They replied that they were just looking around.  Looking around at our open bar!  I in turn said:  “I’m going to ask you to leave.”  And escorted them out of the room!  That’s right NO ONE ruins one of my weddings!  Can you believe it?  Wedding crashers!  The nerve of people.  Other than that the evening was perfection.  Wonderful food, great music, amazing decor, and most importantly a beautiful, happy couple.

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